Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Imagination" featured at Deviantart

I drew this self-portrait for a scholarship contest about two years ago. Now I see a lot of problems with my painting techniques here, but I still like the concept. It really sums me up pretty succinctly. It feels very Kelley. It also feels kind of Lisa Frank, which...makes sense, I guess. It never occurred to me to list her as one of my artistic influences, but maybe I should.

Today Deviantart featured this piece on their blog, as part of a post grandly titled "The Rise of the Artist." It's basically about how technology will never be able to replace creativity, and so creatives are uniquely poised to flourish in the upcoming century. Deviantart also posted it on their Facebook page to represent the "art" side of a discussion about whether people should study art or programming. Kind of a silly non-dilemma, in my opinion. As I have learned from my programmer husband, coding also requires creativity and can be an art in its own way.

So I got a lot of attention on Deviantart today and I'm thankful for the feature, all the new favorites and new watchers. 

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  1. We are so lucky to get to work in our socks and surrounded by our creatures. Great work!


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