Friday, January 4, 2013

How to combat artist insecurity

One of my favorite artists, Noelle, on how to combat artist insecurity:

"I always just thought I would be okay because I was going to MAKE it be okay and I was going to keep working hard until it was okay. And yeah, there was a lot of luck in there too. But you take every opportunity, you enter contests and galleries and submit art online and email your favorite artists and put your stuff everywhere and you’ll fail a lot but you’re opening up a lot more possibilities to get lucky, too.
Because the thing is, it’s not even always the very best artists who are the most successful ones. It’s the ones who are just a little bit self-delusional and put their art everywhere and who are scared but don’t let it show and they DO STUFF and work hard and when people put you down you just say whatever, I’m hot shit."



  1. hope for the best...
    wish you a happy and prosperous 2013...!

    1. Kelley, your last paragraph is so on the mark, and I just love you for expressing it so honestly and with such humor. In fact, you made me smile the first time today.
      There has to be a healthy measure of self-delusion creative fields, otherwise no one would be foolish enough to give it a go in them.

  2. Kelly, I just re-read the post and see now this was written by Noelle! Regardless, I loved it!

    1. Sorry, I should have made it clearer that this was written by Noelle. But thanks for the comment!


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