Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Abandoned Books

Of these four, I have only read "Wicked" and I do not recommend it.

Of these five, I have read LOTR and Atlas Shrugged. LOTR is amazing but definitely difficult to get through, especially the beginning. Atlas Shrugged was just kind of ridiculous, but unlike the Fountainhead I actually managed to finish it.

A lot of people have this idea that you shouldn't abandon a book for the principle of it. They say that they don't want to "waste" the time already sunk into the book, or don't want to feel like the book "defeated" them. I disagree; there's nothing wrong with abandoning a boring book. I absolutely do not regret abandoning the Fountainhead and Wuthering Heights, but I do regret sticking with Wicked all the way to the end. As someone said, life is too short to read bad books.

Here's GoodRead's original article, which has a few more interesting infographics. One commenter quipped, "I look forward to abandoning Atlas Shrugged."

Are there any classic books that you couldn't finish?


  1. I don't think there are any classics that I have purposefully abandoned. I've only read half of Northanger Abbey, but that was because it had to go back to the library and I never got round to picking it up again. And I'm about a quarter of the way through Les Miserables, which is on temporary hold because it's a really tough slog when you're really busy and only manage to snatch a few minutes to read while eating lunch – Victor Hugo just doesn't get to the *point*, and when you realise you've just read 19 completely pointless chapters, you're apt to go and read something fluffy for a while.

    I'm far more likely to abandon modern books, if I don't like the writing style or the characters. =P I find some of the classics less annoying overall.

    1. I've wanted to read Les Miserables, but I've always been intimidated by the size of the book.

  2. I have not finished Lord of the Flies or Wuthering Heights. But I have finished all the Jane Austen novels, with only Persuasion left to read.

  3. I bailed on Moby Dick and Great Expectations. Boring. I actually enjoyed Atlas Shrugged.


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