Friday, September 27, 2013

Scientists uncover the secrets of "drawers"

"Since the dawn of human art-making, the divide has been clear: There are people who can effortlessly sketch an object's likeness, and people who struggle for hours just to get the angles and proportions right (by which point the picture is scarred by eraser marks, anyway). What separates the drawers from the drawer-nots?"

So begins this inane article from Live Science. Apparently, after much research at the University College of London, the researchers concluded that, while some people have a better sense of visual accuracy than others, practice is also important!
The devil is in the details, and the researchers are still working out the interplay between all the factors that affect drawing accuracy. However, they can all be learned. "There is no doubt that practice is an important component of being able to draw," Chamberlain said.
 Great job, science!


  1. I wonder if they got a grant for their research.

  2. Funny. When I read, "Scientists uncover the secrets of 'drawers'" I thought, "French underwear?" Hah! Glad I found your work through Wylie Beckert. Really great! Thanks! (Ericka Nielsen Barber)


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