Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blonde Thing on a Swing

Here's an Etsy commission I completed recently. 

I wanted to highlight the girl's radiant blonde hair, so I added in a background behind her. Then I lifted out some sparkle shapes just because it seemed to fit with the joyful, charming feeling of the scene.

I went back and forth on including the design on the girl's t-shirt, because usually I don't include patterns on clothing, especially cartoon characters which can be distracting. But her torso just seemed large and flat without some detail there, so I very faintly drew in Peppa the Pig. The customer really liked that little touch.

The customer left this feedback on my Etsy shop: "Kelley has drawn six beautiful drawings for us. She is very talented, attentive, and efficient. It's wonderful to watch her sketches come to life as she periodically sends updates of her work. We will cherish these art pieces for generations."

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