Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lady Hummingbird again

I keep drawing this character, but I'm not sure what to do with her. I need to come up with a story for her.


  1. Her wings are controlled by an unknown remote source. They take her to a destination unknown, where she is met by someone who is expecting her...she is full of questions, but is given only vague, cryptic answers. She is told to kill whoever meets her at her next destination...What destination? What, she wonders, could possibly compel me to do such a thing? Her wings take flight again...where am I going, and what will I find there?

  2. I love your work. I would love to see a demo on you tube how you get your illustrations to digital and paint on the computer. Are you using adobe photoshop?

    1. Thank you, RC Reese. Yes, I'm using photoshop. I don't have any video demos, but I do have some step-by-steps on Deviantart:

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