Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More Art Scam Emails from my Inbox

From "Anton Potrzeba"
Hello,my company is planning to release a series of e-artbooks about digital concept art and digital illustration, and we are interested in comissioning pieces that would be used in the book as examples of concepts and illustrations present in the industry. Your style and works caught our eye and we would like to know if you are available for work.
We currently have the following slots available:
  • 4 human/humanoid character concepts
  • 3 creature concepts
  • 4 environment concepts
  • 3 vehicle concepts
  • 8 full-page illustrations
Specifications regarding particular slots will be disclosed later (it will be fantasy/s-f), however for now here are examples of what level of polish we are expecting: (here he posted some links to online concept art from a wide range of artists)

If you would be interested please reply with information about which slot/s would you be willing to take, your rates and estimated completion time. Please also include all relevant information about your usual process (ie. how often can we expect updates on the progress, how many thumbnails will we get to pick from etc.). We also would like to know what form of contract are you comfortable with. We are not really used to working with freelancers but I am sure we will be able to work out a form both you and us are happy with. 

Signs that this could be a scam:

  1. Never addressing me by name
  2. Never mentioning the name of his company
  3. Being vague about the type of work required
  4. Emailing me rather than emailing my agent
  5. I did a Google search for his name and email, no results
  6. When I asked him for more information, he never responded. So...that's fairly telling.

    From "Samantha Rowles" 
    Hi Kelley, I am not sure if you remember me or had a chance to meet me, I am Sam and worked in the design studio at Oxford for many years. I am currently working for Oxford in a freelance capacity and have been asked to Art Direct a big Reader Book submission that is just around the bend. 
    I would like to hear if you are interested in working on this submission to create some wonderful inside artwork for these young kiddies books. 
    Here are some details regarding the project:

    • these are Grade R RB books (these books will be used as a Big Book as well)
    • we are looking at an average of 6 AW per RB, and offering R500 per AW
    • some pieces will have bleed, will be a DPS or require white around (all will be specified in the brief)
    • Schedule will be finalised, but currently we are looking at a deadline for all AW completion Mid-May (I will plan it so that we will give the AW to you in batches to make the work manageable)
    • I will be your point of contact for all AW communication (feedback etc)

    If you agree to work on this with us, I will be sure to send you a pack at the beginning of the job containing the: AW brief, image references, AW sizing template, service level agreement, schedule.
    Once you have had time to consider the offer, please would you be kind enough to let me know the following:
    • are interested in taking on inside artwork for these books?
    • what capacity/amount of books you think you will be able to manage?
    • how soon would it suit you for me to you the 1st briefs?
    I sincerely hope that you will be able to work on this, I have heard nothing but good things about you and your work with OUP in the past.
    All the best
    Signs that this could be a scam:

    1. Emailing me instead of my agent
    2.  "I'm not sure if you remember me or had a chance to meet me" - kind of a strange way to open an email. "Maybe you don't remember me, possibly because we never met." And no, I've never met her.
    3. Strange use of acronyms - "AW" for artwork, "RB" for reader book, "DPS" for double-page spread. Also what is a Grade R Reader Book, or a Big Book? I do not know. Is she talking about early readers?
    4. Offering to pay me in South African Rand
    5. R500 is about $48, so even if this is legit I wouldn't do it.
    6. Mentioning my "work with OUP in the past," even though I've never worked with Oxford University Press.
    7. Oxford University Press, located in the UK, is the largest university press in the world. Why are they hiring freelance art directors from South Africa?
    8. As far as I can tell from Oxford University Press's website, they do not publish "young kiddies books."
    I don't know what these people want from me. Do they want my personal info, would they ask me for money, or do they just want cheap artwork? I tried to find out by emailing that Anton guy, but he never responded. Sad!

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    1. Oxford University Press does publish a bunch of ESL language readers... so that is legit. Why they would be contacting you through South Africa is anyone's guess... Maybe avoiding taxes? (Like all of FB stuff happening in Ireland.)

      But yeah... hard to tell with emails like that! They probably, if they are legit, are just looking for a bunch of names to line up and show to the board as options.


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