Monday, May 19, 2014

Helpful Links for Illustrators

  • The 20 Most Useful Lessons I've Learnt as a Creative Blogger by Red Lemon Club. "You need to share things that keep you thinking all day (at night is a good indication that you are very interested!), because then adding new posts becomes something you look forward to, rather than being a chore."
  • Advice for New Illustrators and Art School Graduates by Dani Jones. "Though a lot of people might view illustration, writing, and publishing as an 'impossible' field of work to get into, it really does reward persistence and hard work most of the time."
  • Approaching Agents with Confidence by Jennifer Represents. "When you are approaching an agent - DON'T say 'I don't really know how to write a query' or 'I'm not really a writer' or anything of the kind. I get this all the time. Daily."
  • Will You Look at my Portfolio? by William O'Connor. "The problem was that every single portfolio was the same. Pencil drawings on loose leaf paper of manga characters, superhero panels taken straight from the 'How to Draw the Marvel Comics Way' book, celebrity portraits copied from photographs, and paintings taken right off of on-line workshop challenges."
  • Detective Storytelling by James Gurney. "Paintings that tell stories, such as this one, are often called 'narrative' or 'illustrative.' But neither term adequately describes the kind of storytelling that a picture can do."
  • Now You Know by Nebezial. A short comic explaining the real reason women's armor doesn't cover their midriffs.


  1. LOL your last link. Thanks for sharing these :)

  2. Thanks for the links! These are great. :)


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