Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Preparing for an art show: putting it all together

I'm tired, so this is going to be brief. Between illustration work, preparing for Spectrum FAL, and fighting off a cold, it's been a busy week. Spectrum starts this Friday! I am flying overnight on Thursday, won't that be fun. Sarcasm.

Now that all of my precious merchandise has arrived in good condition, next I had to display it. I purchased a tiered wooden display stand from Clear Solutions, which breaks apart so it can fit in my suitcase.

I also went to Michael's Crafts and had a few of my pencil drawings custom matted, and purchased folding wooden easels to display them.

Finally I did a dress rehearsal on my dining room table, to see how it all looked together.

Not too shabby for my first table, right? Now I just need a male booth babe.

Please pray that the airline doesn't lose my luggage. Thanks.

See you at Spectrum!


  1. Good luck! It looks awesome!

  2. It looks fabulous and I think you'll be a big hit!!

  3. Thank you for coming! It was nice to stumble across your work and find such amazing talent at Spectrum. I enjoyed talking with you and especially the great sketch you did for me (the japanese girl). Thank you!!!

  4. Good luck and I hope you're having a wonderful time at Spectrum! It looks good as practice setup so I'm sure it's stellar at the con.


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