Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sit in the Chair

"Sit in the chair. These four words changed my life. For a long time, I was an aspiring writer. I aspired daily, but I didn’t make writing a priority. Instead, I spent time passively parked in front of glowing screens: watching TV, perusing Facebook, checking email.

Ultimately, I didn’t become a writer until I developed a writing habit. People don’t learn how to write via osmosis. It takes work. So: forget word count or page count, and don’t worry about creating the perfect writing space. Instead, focus on sitting in the chair distraction-free, writing for at least an hour a day. Do this for a month and you will improve more than you thought possible."

- From "How to Improve Your Writing" by Joshua Fields Millburn


  1. I didn't know you liked to write. Is this something you plan to pursue in the future professionally (maybe even marry your art and writing?) And if you did, what age group would you be writing for? Just curios. I also write and draw, but my drawing is much stronger (I've even written a few young adult books, but they still need heavy editing...sigh).

    1. I don't actually write; this is a quote from another blog. I felt that this quote was very applicable to drawing as well.

  2. Oops. I totally missed the quotation marks. I guess a little context would've helped (connecting the two together).

    But you are totally right about the two being related. I know someone who spent weeks preparing a space where they were going to begin writing for the first time (like a marriage ceremony). I spent my early college years painting,drawing, writing in the corner of a basement barely big enough to fit me and my things (open rafters, tall storage shelves full of boxes, chest freezer, etc..did I mention dust and spiders everywhere?). It doesn't matter where you create, you just need to DO it! ^_^ haha (and yah..try to avoid the distracftions...sorry facebook!)

  3. Hi Kelly -
    I've been following you for a while now and though I'm not an illustrator, I find your insights and posts very inspiring. I’m just dropping you a note to let you know I nominated you for a “Very Inspiring Blogger” award.

    Now you don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to accept it. Its only my way of recognizing what a great job you do on your blog.

    If you do want to follow up and accept this “award” then you can find my post about it with all of the steps to follow.


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