Monday, February 16, 2015

An Adventure Time birthday card

Steph is a new friend. She is also a fan of the show Adventure Time so I tried drawing her family (including her husband Ben and cat Pumpkin) in the show's style, which was an interesting challenge. Two things I know about that show:
  1. Characters have bendy arms
  2. All the girls are princesses
So yeah, I pretty much nailed it.

Previously Steph and her husband Ben were internet acquaintances. When Jasson and I arrived in Melbourne (or as locals call it, Melbun) last week, we had a chance to meet them in person. On her birthday Steph and Ben came to pick us up from the airport, helped us find our apartment, lent us some linens because we forgot our apartment didn't come with them, and took us to the grocery store so we wouldn't starve. We would have been really lost without their help.

The least I can do is make Steph a bendy-arm princess.

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