Thursday, April 23, 2015

Helpful Links for Illustrators

Every few weeks I post a collection of links to articles about illustration, freelancing, and general creativity.

  • The End of the Line by Chris Tugeau- an artist rep explains how an agency works, what agents expect from their illustrators, and why sometimes they have to let artists go.
  • The Trick to Painting Light on a Bright Day by Karla Ortiz - a short and sweet tutorial on how to capture the look of bright sunshine.
  • Purposeful Progress by Dani Jones - Dani explains the concept behind doing something every day to move you forward - and how that brought her unexpected attention on social media.
  • How to Find Your Voice by John Hendrix - illustrator and art teacher gives a lengthy post on how to find your style, create your own content and construct a lasting career
  • Blogging 101 for Artists: Building an Audience by Kiri O. Leonard - one in a growing series of useful posts about blogging
  • Art for Exposure by Justin Gerard - an oldie but a goodie, Justin explains why someone who offers "exposure" usually can't deliver on their own promises.
  • Please Shut Up by Delilah Dawson - an author discusses how to most effectively use social media to promote yourself without being annoying.


  1. This is a great post. Thanks Kelly! I especially enjoyed the Purposeful Progress and Blogging 101 for artists. More great blogs to follow!

    1. Thanks B! I'm glad you found these links useful.


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