Monday, July 13, 2015

Introducing Ladies of Kirk: Andrea

I am drawing all the women Captain Kirk ever kissed in the original Star Trek series.

I'm going to post all 19 of them on this blog and you're going to like it. Welcome to Ladies of Kirk!

(Edit: I am going to run a Kickstarter for Ladies of Kirk! Click here to be the first to know when it launches! You can also see more of the ladies at my Tumblr)

Episode 7: What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Andrea was an android created by Dr. Korby, a lonely scientist on a deserted planet. Desperate for human contact, Dr. Korby lured the Enterprise to the planet and kept Kirk and the landing party hostage. As part of an escape plan, Kirk attempted to overload Andrea's circuits by kissing her. Confused but intrigued, Andrea later demanded that Kirk kiss her again. When he refused, she promptly shot him with her laser gun. Of course, she only shot a cloned android version of Kirk, because the real captain would never refuse to kiss someone. Still, Andrea proved that despite Kirk's best efforts, she was a robot who knew her own mind.

Wow, does this series start off with a bang.

I think we can all agree that these are sexiest pair of overalls ever worn by an android. I actually felt a little uncomfortable while drawing this outfit, so I can only imagine how scandalous it must have seemed in 1966.

This costume is one of Star Trek's most memorable in an episode that is otherwise somewhat forgettable. Unlike later costumes worn by Ladies of Kirk, it's quite simple. It has no fringe, sparkles, feathers, tie-dye, paisley or flowers. So, in the bizarre universe of Star Trek TOS, it makes sense for a beautiful but emotionless robot, I guess.

This episode marks the first occurrences of two of Kirk's favorite strategies for dealing with tough situations:
  1. Disable a robot by confusing it
  2. Distract a woman by seducing her
A combo attack! That's why he's the best!


Next up: Dr. Helen Noel, psychologist. What do you guys think so far? 


  1. This is literally the best thing ever!

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  3. ". . . and you're going to like it." Um, yeah.

  4. Hahahaha! LOVE this. Great idea Kelley :)


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