Friday, July 31, 2015

Preparing for a Kickstarter, part one

It's been an exciting week! Here's what I've been doing lately to prepare for the upcoming Ladies of Kirk Kickstarter campaign:

  • Posting drawings on social media, especially Tumblr where they seem to be gaining the most traction. Here's the ones I did this week:

  • Researching Star Trek communities online, including Tumblrs, Twitter accounts and podcasts. (I've been particularly enjoying the Women at Warp podcast)
  • Researching book printing companies and comparing notes on the prices, paper quality and delivery times. Ordering printing samples and contacting customer service with questions.
  • Outlining reward tiers for the campaign, and researching additional goodies to offer besides the books themselves. Definitely going to do postcards; prints, stickers and coloring books are also a possibility. (I'm open to suggestions if you have any!)
  • Creating catchy graphics for the Kickstarter page.
  • Laying out the pages for the book and writing up summaries for each character.
  • Ordering a paperback copy of Ladies of Kirk, to take photos and videos for the campaign.
  • Drawing myself as a Star Trek character, for the "About the Artist" page. (That fuzzy thing I'm holding in my hands is a tribble. If you don't know what a tribble is, watch the episode "The Trouble with Tribbles.")

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