Friday, July 3, 2015

The Tate Britain

This week I am in London attending MineCon with my husband. It's been extremely hot here, like 95 degrees, and apparently the Brits are not accustomed to using air conditioning, so between the heat and the jetlag I'm pretty tired.

Still, I've been taking every opportunity to visit museums and galleries while I'm here. The Tate Britain was particularly awe-inspiring. I skipped right past the rooms full of modern art and went straight for the good stuff.

When I entered this room I was so excited I almost cried.

Oh man oh man oh man

"Ophelia" by Sir John Everett Millais, 1852

What's this??? Waterhouse and Sargent on the same wall????

"The Lady of Shalott" by John William Waterhouse, 1888

I've seen this painting many, many times - it's possibly Waterhouse's most famous piece. However, seeing it in person made me "see" it for the first time. The delicate quality of the evening light, just the last hint of sunlight coming from behind the distant hill, especially impressed me.

"Mrs Carl Meyer and Her Children"by John Singer Sargent, 1896

This is my very favorite Sargent painting, and I was thrilled to see it in person. Some gallery visitors just glanced at it and walked on by and I was like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??

If you're ever in London, do not miss the Tate Britain!

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