Thursday, August 6, 2015

Preparing for a Kickstarter, part 2

It's been a busy week! Here's what I've been doing lately to prepare for the upcoming Ladies of Kirk Kickstarter campaign:

  • Continuing to post drawings on social media, every Mon/Wed/Fri. Here's the ones I did this week:

  • Filming the video. This took a long time because of a myriad of technical difficulties which nearly brought my computer nerd husband to the point of mental breakdown. We tried every possible combination of computers and programs. Either one would have sound, but not record video, or show video but not record it, or record video but only at low frame was ridiculous. Who knew it was so difficult to record video from a webcam? Sadly I had to ditch the nice mic in exchange for better video quality. Oh well.

  • Editing the video. This was a lot of fun and went much more smoothly, thanks to an awesome computer program called Camtasia and some free music from a guy called Kevin MacLeod. I am quite happy with the result.
For your entertainment, I present you with the outtakes from this week's filming fiasco. Let me warn you, this video will give you the impression that I am a rambling madwoman and should probably not be trusted with running a Kickstarter or just being professional in any capacity. Trust me the finished video is much better.

Watching myself on camera, I can see why people think I'm a teenager. The chin acne really sells it, I think.
  • Lastly, I'm just waiting for some print samples to arrive in the mail tomorrow. If they're satisfactory, that's the final piece in the Kickstarter puzzle. I can submit the campaign to be approved by Kickstarter, then publish it next week.

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  1. Thanks for taking us with you on your Kickstarter journey. I'm finding all this info incredibly helpful and wish you lots of success with your project.
    Loved the outtakes video, too! :D


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