Thursday, September 3, 2015

Shiny New Prints!

It's been a year since I last ordered a batch of prints to sell at conventions. As a digital artist, getting to see my work printed out and holding it in my hands is a bit of a thrill. I love prints, and printing, gently caressing paper samples and discussing paper types with my friends. WHAT I'M SAYING IS THIS IS A VERY EXCITING TIME OF YEAR FOR ME. Just indulge me!

My favorite printing service is FinerWorks. I like them because their prices are affordable, the quality is great, the customer service is great and they offer many different types of fine art papers. If you read their blog, you can see that they have a real knowledge and passion for printing art.

In the past I printed on velvet fine art paper, but this time I decided to go with satin luster. For this batch I re-ordered some of my most popular prints as well as some new pieces. Let's see how they turned out!

The box they arrived in was huuuuuge, because the prints were very well packaged, with lots of extra cardboard around the sides.



This one is a tough one to print, because of the very subtle changes in value and color on the underwater parts. I think it turned out a little dark here. I'm going to contact FinerWorks to see if I can get this one reprinted.

For the first time I took a chance on ordering two illustrations on metallic paper. Metallic paper has a very subtle shimmer to it, and I thought it would add a nice touch to my more "magical" illustrations.

It works great with the piece "Busyness and Inspiration." The effect is very subtle but adds some nice little variants in color, which I couldn't quite capture on camera. It reminds me of the shifting colors you see in an oily puddle in a parking lot.

With the piece "Dragonflower," the metallic shimmer isn't really apparent. Perhaps with dark paintings, the large amount of ink doesn't allow the paper to shine through. The print doesn't look bad, but it is very, very reflective. Lesson learned for future print runs.

I'm going to be selling these at Rose City Comic Con this month! If you're in the Portland area, you should check it out!


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  2. Hi Kelley, I'm a recent art graduate and your big fan! These printouts look absolutely amazing! The luster paper really works with your art, and the images are so crisp! MaY I ask what resolution you work in?

    1. Hi Suji! Thanks for your comment. I always work in 300 dpi. Sometimes I work in a size larger than required for the assignment, so that when it scales down it looks extra crisp.

  3. I want to get our print of Dragonflower reprinted. What paper do you recommend? The one we have was done by Devianart and is too dark, and they couldn't reprint it.


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