Thursday, February 4, 2016

Helpful Links for Illustrators

Every few weeks I post a bunch of links related to drawing, freelancing, self-employment and personal motivation. I collect these from all over the web and hope that you find them as helpful and inspirational as I did.

  • The Style Problem for Artists by Kyle Webster - Kyle makes the case for having a variety of styles in your portfolio, not just one "signature" style.
  • Forget about Getting Paid, It's Time to Work for Free by Gregor Louden - I will never tire of sharing "don't work for free" articles. Never.
  • Triangle of Reasons for Doing Things by Craig Benzene - This video starts off very silly, but stick with it. Craig explains the importance of finding a balance between doing things for yourself and doing things for others.
  • The Evolution of a Cover by Laura Martin - an author describes the experience of having an illustrator create a cover for her book, and the difference between YA and middle grade covers.
  • Let's Kickstart a Comic by Spike Trotman - For $5, you can download a 32-page ebook written by someone who has run seven successful Kickstarter campaigns.
  • The Benefits of Oversharing by Supachute - Do you ever worry about annoying people by posting too much artwork? You need to read this.
  • Address for Success by Lauren Panepinto - an art director shows off the postcards and promos that illustrators send to her in the mail. Very interesting!


  1. They're all fun reads with insights! Thank you so much!

  2. Kelley, I LOVE your posts. I'm a huge fan of the process, start to end, of that magical final piece. In Illustration / Design we hardly ever get to see what's in the artist's mind and how they solved problems. Your posts have me looking in my own work and asking myself the deeper questions.

    Thanks for letting us in and please continue to keep us posted on your future work!

    - Belinda

    1. Thank you very much, Belinda! What a nice comment, you just made my morning. :)


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