Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Recommendations for Beautiful Picture Books

There's a big, big picture book world outside of Cat in the Hat and Goodnight, Moon. If you have some kids on your Christmas gift list, why not buy them some unique books? Here are some beautifully illustrated picture books from some fresh illustrators.

If you like my art, you'll love Jim Madsen's art. This is the story of Sacajawea and the Lewis and Clark expedition, lushly illustrated in jewel tones.

A story about a boy who hugs people and things. Scott Campbell graduated from my alma mater, Academy of Art University, and he excels at simple, charming drawings with a sense of humor.

Ok, I wouldn't describe this book as "beautiful" so much as it is funny and weird. For those who like children's books with a bit of an edge.

Teagan White is one of my very favorite illustrators. Her woodland creatures are just so charming, stylish and fresh.

This book comes with a little plastic engine that somehow travels through the illustrated landscapes without coming detached from the book. I haven't seen this in person so I'm not sure how it works, but I'm sure it would be a hit with any child who loves trains.

A riff on the classic "Angelina Ballerina," this book is about a vampire who dreams of stardom. Perfect for the girly-girl who isn't afraid of something a little different.

A sweet and thoughtful story about an imaginary friend who can't find a child to adopt him. 

Instead of the word "Jacob," you order this book to be personalized for your child. The vehicles inside the book will spell out the letters of their name!

One of the few picture books I personally own, this story is about learning to get along with a new family member. The expressions on the dogs are so funny and charming. I love their little stick legs.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your holiday shopping. If you're interested in more of my recommendations, I keep an updated Amazon Wish List of Beautifully Illustrated Children's Books here! If you have the opportunity, please buy books from your local bookstore. Even purchasing from your local branch of Barnes & Noble is helpful to the publishing industry.

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