Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Helpful Links for Illustrators

Every few weeks I post a bunch of links related to drawing, freelancing, self-employment and personal motivation. I collect these from all over the web and hope that you find them as helpful and inspirational as I did.

  • The Art Cycle by Shattered-Earth - do you feel like your drawings are never as good as you want them to be? There's a graph explaining that!
  • How NOT to Work With an Artist by Garth Laidlaw - a real-life example of how to spot red flags in early communications with clients!
  • Artist Resource Page by Ashly Lovett - a collection of links to articles about self-promotion, online portfolios, conventions, and more.
  • How to Manage Yourself in Design School by Juliette Cezzar - a very thorough and realistic guide to succeeding in art school. Required reading for students!
  • Hiring an Illustrator for your Book by Elizabeth Dulemba - written for self-published authors, very informative about how self-publishing works and what illustrators can expect to receive from it.
Do you have a blog post that you think might be useful for aspiring artists? Have you read any good articles lately you think I should include on my next list? Please leave a comment!

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