Thursday, July 27, 2017

Helpful Links for Illustrators, July 2017

Every few weeks I post a bunch of links related to illustration, publishing, self-employment and personal motivation. I collect these from all over the web and hope that you find them as helpful and inspirational as I did.
  • Corarda - an amazing resource website with curated lists of art-related blogs, podcasts, events, education, communities and more. Basically, it's the ultimate version of my "helpful link" posts. If you're struggling to find a way to get started as an artist online, you'll find something helpful here.
  • All About Running An Online Shop by Fran Meneses - a video log about the nuts and bolts of how Fran runs her very busy Etsy shop. Fran's whole YouTube channel is great stuff.
  • How I learned to Draw by Kiri Leonard - On Kiri's brand new YouTube channel, she shares some of her early childhood drawings, weird teenage drawings, and how she became the working illustrator she is today.
  • What Game Recruiters Really Think of Your Portfolio by Gavin Goulen - if you're aiming to become a character artist at a game studio, this is a very honest, thorough, and informative read!
  • Abandoning the Preciousness by Stephanie Law - an inspiring blog post about overcoming "artist block" and developing the habit of drawing every day.
Do you have a blog post that you think might be useful for aspiring artists? Have you read any good articles lately you think I should include on my next list? Please leave a comment!


  1. Hi Kelley,

    Not long ago I read your blog about flesh tones, you had created a self-portrait and used a great variety of tones with much success. I wanted to refer to it for a portrait, (I am very new) but I can't find it anywhere now. Would you be willing to link it somehow? It's just disappeared. It was very helpful to me but I can't remember all of it.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Rachel - here's the blog post you're thinking of:

    2. Thank you Kelley! That's so nice of you to get back to me so quickly. I'm off to get started now. Thank you again!


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