Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New business cards!

With my recent website and blog re-design, I decided to order some new business cards. I purchased them from overnightprints.com . I also bought a nifty little acrylic display stand for them. Please excuse the super beat-up IKEA tabletop in these photos.

I went with digital printing rather than offset, because I only wanted to order a quantity of 50 cards. Although the print quality is pretty good (better than it looks in this photograph) and the colors are very accurate, it's a little bit grainy. Next time I think I may splurge on the offset printing.

Also, next time I think I will use a more closeup shot of one of my drawings, rather than trying to fit so much onto one tiny card.

I really like business cards, both collecting and designing them. Do you have any business card printers that you recommend?


  1. It looks great! We usually go through gotprint.com for our cards. We do so many shows that kissing hands, shaking babies, and handing out cards can get pretty expensive. So finding a printer that could produce good quality digital printing, inexpensively was important.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Kelley! So happy to see the site/blog redesign and see what you have been working on lately! Lots of great work! Check out Digital Lizard for business cards. They are very quick, good print quality and they have fantastic customer service. I print with them ALOT.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll definitely check Digital Lizard out. Overnight Prints has been ok so far but man, their shipping is SLOW, especially considering that they're located in my state.


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