Monday, February 25, 2013

Kelley's recommended tea

Looking at this photo, you can learn three things about me:
  1. I am a very serene and thoughtful person
  2. My nose is very pointy
  3. I love tea
Today I am going to talk about the last point. I love, love, love, love tea. I usually have a cup of it on my desk while I draw. I consume a lot of tea, and here are my recommended brands:

Best high-end supermarket brand: Mighty Leaf
Each tea bag is like a tiny quilt of dried leaves and petals. They're so pretty, I feel bad throwing them away. But more importantly, they taste amazing. My favorite flavor is "Orange Dulce," which is a mix of orange, vanilla and jasmine.

Best mid-range supermarket brand: Good Earth
If you want a decent $3 box of tea, in my opinion Good Earth is pretty solid. My favorite flavor is their White Tea, which tastes like strawberries.

If you enjoy chai tea, look no further. This is it. You have arrived. This loose-leaf tea tastes like the chai tea served at Indian restaurants. I always drink it mixed with a bit of milk and sugar.

Worst tea ever: Lipton
I don't care if the box says it's "America's Favorite Tea," it's just terrible. Seriously, you're better off just drinking hot water. Life is too short. If your office stocks Lipton tea, quit your job. If your church serves Lipton tea after services, renounce that religion. Avoid Lipton at all costs.

Do you have any tea recommendations? Please tell me!


  1. I love this! Thank you! I agree Mighty Leaf is wonderful and Lipton is awful! I am going to try your Chai Tea pick because I absolutely love Chai Tea! You should try Chico Chai. It is amazing!

    1. Oooh, Chico Chai! Sounds great, thank you!

  2. O pointy nose, O pointy pointy
    Anoint my head, anointy nointy


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