Thursday, February 7, 2013

The one with my art in a cafe

This is the Hollywood Cafe in the Fisherman's Wharf area of San Francisco. (I tried their french toast covered in orange sauce...suuuuper yummy.) On the walls they have lots of photos of classic Hollywood stars. My classmate Sunny is friends with the owners of the cafe, and they invited her art school buddies to create some portraits for their walls. So we got a few friends together and decided on a "Hollywood Couples" theme for Valentine's Day.

I went with Ramses and Nefertiri from The Ten Commandments, one of my favorite movies. These two have a complicated relationship, and in my opinion, Nefertiri is a way more interesting character than the super-boring-girl-next-door Moses ends up with. I painted this digitally with a photo reference, about 5 hours, I think.

Today we met at the Hollywood Cafe, framed and hung our work. We decided to mix our pieces in with the existing photos already on the walls.

Sunny did this pastel drawing of The King and I, so Yul Brynner was well-represented among our group.

Apparently I missed the memo that said to wear a black jacket. And be Asian.

This is my face.

I'm not sure how long the work will stay up - maybe two months or so. So if you're in Fisherman's Wharf, stop by the Hollywood Cafe, sit underneath my drawing, and eat some french toast in my honor.


  1. You art student types sure have a lot of fun!

    1. Yes we do. :) I didn't even mention that we all went out to In-N-Out Burger afterwards.


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