Thursday, September 5, 2013

Old Houses

I was practicing drawing old houses yesterday. Buildings are hard to draw. I discovered that an important part of making a house look old and abandoned is adding overgrown foliage around it.

Speaking of houses, in a little over a week my husband and I will be moving from our lovely two-bedroom apartment to a single room. I don't mean a single room apartment, I mean a single room. So I have been reading a lot about minimalism to help me in paring down our possessions. This book has been very inspirational:

This week I have been recycling and giving away a lot of debris from art school, including art supplies and portfolios that my professors insisted I had to buy. It's very liberating.

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  1. Houses can be tricky. I think simplifying their shapes helps me. And for making them look old and abandoned overgrown foliage definitely helps. Also cracks and textures in the paint.... to get across that feeling I think it's really all in the details.


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