Monday, March 3, 2014

Beatrix Potter and illustrating rabbits

Beatrix Potter and her bunny, Benjamin Bouncer, 1891.

I don't remember whether I was a fan of Peter Rabbit growing up. However, in my early teens my family adopted some rabbits and I spent many, many hours just observing them. Ugly, cartoony, anthropomorphic rabbit drawings became my pet peeve. Some time later, I noticed some illustrations by Beatrix Potter and thought to myself, "she really understands rabbits." A kindred spirit.

Beatrix Potter's animal characters are extremely realistic, but still cute and expressive. I respect her work a lot.

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  1. I love Beatrix Potter's work. While I personally also enjoy the cartoon-look of some artists, there's something about Potter's drawings that are completely charming an classic. There's nothing "fad"ish about them. They are timelessly and universally lovely. ^^


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