Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Link Roundup: Helpful Advice for Illustrators

  • "To add to your stress, they have excuses for not making payment. They string you out like a dead-beat dad. Now, you feel taken advantage of and you lose all enthusiasm. Where did things go wrong? I promise you, this scenario can be easily avoided."

  • "The more work you take on at the wrong rate, the deeper the hole you'll dig for yourself. You can actually sell yourself right out of business with a rate that's too low."

  • "I noticed it in the difference between the terms 'smart' vs 'talented.' If you're a skillful Lawyer, Engineer, Physician etc. you're often referred to as being 'smart,' but if you're a skillful Artist or Designer, it is said that you're 'talented.' Being smart implies that what you're doing requires analytic thinking, careful decision making and hard work. Being talented implies that you've been handed a gift at birth that has effortlessly blossomed into a skill of making pretty things."

  • "Perhaps it’s the web, but I notice that whenever I post about an upcoming opportunity, the majority of the comments have to do with all the reasons why folks can’t or won’t be able to go."

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  1. Great links, especially the one on hourly rates! I've added this to my own link salad at the EBSQ blog.


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