Monday, August 3, 2015

Personal Work: I've Been Expecting You

Last week I was feeling a little down about my artwork. Down about my style, guilty about the lack of updates in my portfolio, nervous about the Kickstarter, having a tough time writing blog posts, just in a funk.

So instead of working on client work, like I was supposed to, I allowed myself to spend a day drawing something fun. I picked up this digital sketch I had started two months ago but never finished:

This was inspired by vintage photographs of "gypsies." (In quotation marks because some of these are actual Roma people and some are just ladies in costumes.) I love vintage photographs. They always spark stories in my mind.

I've been enjoying using digital pencils lately, and thought the black & white scheme would fit the vintage setting. I knew I wanted lots of texture, lots of patterns and details, but still with a focus on the fortune teller.

I'm very happy with how this came out, and feeling better about getting back to client work.


  1. I just love everything about this, it's gorgeous and the theme is fab too! I know what you mean about feeling down, I think we all go through it - but if this is what it inspires you to create, you should feel down about your work more often! ^.~

  2. Doing personal work is so, so important to keeping us happy and healthy! It's so hard to always be using our creativity for others and never ourselves. I'm glad you got some time for personal work. I too have been having a similar problem, and spending a few hours every morning on personal work has been helping. :)

  3. Every artist, of every type, goes through this type of funk. I think their best work sometimes comes out of working through that, almost as if the block is actually caused by something wonderful trying to find its way out. I'm glad you took the time to bring this out. It is beautifully done.

  4. It's gorgeous! Don't be down! I am sure this is just the stupid phase that comes right before the phase where you go to the next level with your art. *reminds myself again as well*


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