Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Self-Portrait 2016

Today is International Self-portrait Day. I created this self-portrait using Kyle Webster's Photoshop brushes.

When we were first married, my husband told me that my jawline was slightly asymmetrical - or as he rather tactlessly put it, "your face is crooked." (He then quickly added "but you're still cute.") I didn't quite believe him because my face looked fine to me when I looked in the mirror.

As I was working on this self-portrait, I kept noticing that something seemed crooked about the drawing. When I tried to fix it, it just looked less and less like me. That's when I realized: it wasn't my drawing that was crooked - it's just my face. He was right. HE WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG!!

If you'd like to see more self-portraits, I recommend that you check out the #selfportraitday hashtag on social media. Personally I think that self-portraits are super fascinating and I look forward to Self Portrait Day every year.

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