Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The roaming artist

Last week I moved away from my beloved San Francisco up north several hours to a town with a population of about one thousand.

My husband and I both work from home, so once I graduated from school it didn't make sense to live in the expensive bay area any more. The third most expensive zip code in the country, Atherton, was right in our backyard. So we're temporarily living in my husband's tiny tiny hometown to save up some money.

My husband gave up his high-paying computer programming job to pursue his lifelong dream of creating his own video game. Meanwhile, I gave up my low-paying office job to pursue my low-paying passion of illustration. So while our skills (and pay grades) are very different, we're both artists. We would rather live out here, in the middle of nowhere, with just a few possessions, in order to do something we really care about.


  1. wish u all the best at your endeavor :)


  2. You'll do well no matter where you are! Have fun in the heat!

  3. Your home (or one of them) is always the bay area! We miss you guys already! I think its awesome that you are both following your passion!

  4. The middle of nowhere is actually where I want to end up!! Yay low-paying jobs!


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